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Executive Summary


On a recurring basis, various brands turn to terminate their operations due to ill-conceived marketing plan or due to a flaw in the basic brand planning. Vivotic solucions believes that a comprehensive, well defined marketing strategy and proper brand planning is crucial since it serves as the basis for brand success. Moreover, it also plays a pivotal role in gaining strong brand equity. Vivotic solucions provides detailed & comprehensive marketing and branding solutions, while amending those marketing plans that were previously implemented without proper research and strategy. Vivotic Solucions can help you reach your exact target audience by implementing communication strategy, brand strategy, and enhancing customer interaction with the product through utilizing Digital Media Marketing and other channels. Unlike other companies, we provide you result oriented marketing solutions where you can precisely see the results rather than mere engagement. We are completely brand focused and believe in multiplying your brand’s performance. We are here to give you a premium branded look by delivering a 360 marketing and branding solutions.




Social Media Marketing

We manage your social media presence so that you can focus on your core business. We enable you in presenting your business in an ideal way on social media, while engaging and targeting customers to your website or online store.


Corporate Websites

We help clients in having an online presence 24 hours a day. We develop corporate websites that are branded according to the requirements of the nature of the company. They are not only a representation of your brand’s identity but your company’s vision too. We give it a look that helps you leave an unforgettable first impression on your customers.


E-Commerce Development

Your online store requires more than just an attractive look. The central theme of our business is based on analytics & conversions. We build you a business rather than a website. Hence, our passion for E-Commerce allows clients to have a hassle free businesses and transactions.


Mobile Applications

We have expertise in turning complex ideas into user-friendly mobile applications.

Your brand can utilize the power of smart phones by having personalized custom Android and iPhone (iOS) applications developed by us.


Inbound Marketing

Vivotic Solucions believes that this is the marketing approach for today. We focus on the modern approach, which is to create quality content to pull people towards your company or product. We work on attracting customers, generating leads, and nurturing sales. By designing a proper inbound marketing plan, Vivotic Solucions ensures that your brand is noticed and found by all.


Enterprise Solutions

We have technical expertise in building cloud-based applications, which requires the understandings of complex business processes.

Our team of highly skilled project managers & strategists ensure that your projects are delivered on time.


Marketing and brand Consultancy

We provide detailed marketing and branding solutions to our clients. Whether there is a flaw in the basic brand architecture or there is a need to reinvent marketing or communication strategy, we figure out these aspects and recommend the right solution to the clients.

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